Hello! I decided to start writing a blog!
Maybe you know it already, maybe you don’t: I am Yuki.
At least that’s how my friends have been calling me since I started reading Naruto which was in 2008 or 2009 I guess. Back then I used to have a lot – A LOT – of original characters that were called Yuki. But don’t worry, because it changed now. I was young.
I was a teenage kid and I had yet a lot to learn. – Which I still have after all we’re learning our whole life, don’t we?

Now I started a blog and before I started writing I was thinking about the benefits of writing a blog and actually not only do you profit from it by getting to know me better, who I am, my interests and thoughts, but also is it great way for me to get a routine and interact with you.

You might have realized it already, but I’m a young artist who thinks of art as great way to express oneself, may it be through drawing, painting, writing or even design it’s a great way to share your feelings and your thoughts without having to be direct, if you get what I’m trying to say? It’s a beautiful way to interact with people and to get them to discuss all kinds of topics. I mean isn’t it interesting and somehow kind of funny how two people might look at the same artwork but it interpret two different things?
So what will this blog be about?
Well, about almost everything I guess. About what’s actual. About art, books, music, nature, animals, life and anything that comes to my mind that I feel like sharing.

Are you exited about this or do you even have something you want me to talk about? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great day. ♥