Last year my sister started watching Supernatural. It didn’t take her long to ask me to cosplay Sam and Dean, because you’ll laugh but they really are similar to us expect we don’t argue that often. But the rest I swear – xD
Anyways since she kept insisting on me watching Supernatural I watched (binge watched to be honest) it at the beginning of the year. It was just to awesome.
Also since the year began I felt really low on energy but Supernatural really kind of helped me. Right now I’m rewatching it because it always helps me to relieve some kind of stress and motivates me. Actually the best compliment you could hear is that I have a Supernatural OC (OC=Original Character) which doesn’t happen often when it’s a show with actors (a show that’s not animated or else). You could say it’s huge compliment to the actors, because as said I have a lot of OCs. It’s just not a lot that are on shows or movies played by actors. If you’re interested in knowing more about my OCs and how they are created then let me know what you want to know about them and stay tuned for another post that’ll be coming up.

Back to Supernatural … There is also the Supernatural Cast: listening to panels, following them on social media etc. will always lift me up to the point of me crying because of their kindness. I’m sure that some of you will relate.
If there was away to thank everyone from the cast and behind the scenes without hesitating I’d be right there.

Anyways we cosplayed them in September for the first time and wearing Sam felt so comfortable which is why I’m so excited for the next times we’ll wear them.
He was one of the characters that felt so good to cosplay this year and that reminded me of why I’ve been cosplaying since 2011/2012.
Right now even though I’m kind of low of energy I still feel really motivated to do a bunch of things (which I am) including cosplay, art and more.

That’s it for today! Always stay tuned and never forget that you are not alone!
You’re loved and have a great day!

See you soon!

Photo Credits:
Photographer: @nana_jane1988 (instagram)
Dean Winchester: @cocos_logbook
Sam Winchester and photo pdit: yukiryuuzetsuart (me)