I realize again how important it is not to lose sight of your dreams and your goals, which is easy to in the world we live in.
It’s easy to forget who you are and where you’re from. Sure we change every day and who you are today is someone else then who you’ll be tomorrow, but this doesn’t change the fact that only you really know who you are and what is right for you.
I’m also not talking about remembering “where you’re from” in terms of a home or a place. It is more a metaphor to describe where you started from and what made you choose the path you’ve taken. Is this what you want or did someone else tell you to do it? Or not literally tell you to do it, but something put you under pressure that this had to be your way, even though you felt that it was completely against your nature and that it just didn’t feel right. How can something that weights on your shoulders, something that feels so heavy to the point that even your heart is hitting against the walls telling you that ‘this is not you’ be the right path?

Maybe you’re depressed, emotional, vulnerable and hurt but this doesn’t deprive you of knowing what’s best for you, doesn’t it?
Sometimes we care so much about what other people say until we start believing that they’re right even when we know that they were wrong.
Don’t lose hope, don’t lose your dreams, believe in yourself, trust yourself and listen to your intuition … because that’s who you are.

For me, I might be introverted and quiet but it doesn’t make me less confident nor optimistic. In fact, I know exactly what I want.
I just don’t like to get stuck onto a dream. Whilst having goals and dreams is a good thing I know very well that sometimes things just turn out differently than expected.
This isn’t bad as long as you’re happy.
Yet just because things turn out differently at one time it doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to continue chasing after your dreams. Just don’t rush it and take your time.
And if you feel that a dream isn’t you any more because everyone grows, then don’t hold onto it just because you feel obligated to. Again this is your life and your decisions to make.

After seven months I’ve finally uploaded a new painting timelapse to my YouTube channel. I’m going to try to be more active on YouTube now in general. So if you’re interested in speedpaints, animatic, poetry, lots of nature and if you like hearing my thoughts on various topics then check out my YouTube channel. ♥