Hello! It’s been a while hasn’t it?
No. I’m not going to say “I’ll be more active now”, because every time I’m saying this it ends up with me exactly NOT doing it.
But honestly I’m feeling good right now, and it feels good to say this. I’m feeling good to the point I started reading again which is nice because apparently it has a positive effect on me. It inspires me and keeps me motivated. I say this because the two last years I really had trouble concentrating on reading a book until the end. Even though you enjoy reading it and love the story. Like when you start reading a book and something happens in between and suddenly your not motivated nor concentrated any more, anyone who can relate? I mean I’ve been painting and drawing a lot (even though again I didn’t share a lot of it) Yet I don’t know I had trouble being really active on Instagram and other social media except in my story … which isn’t necessarily bad. To be honest I’ve been more productive thanks to it.
Then I had a seasonal job for the winter and the colleagues were really nice. I really enjoyed working there. I went through many roller coasters but again right now I feel really good and motivated. As if I finally know what I want again and where I’m heading to.
Anyway this was just for a little update.

Before I leave you to cook for my family though I would love to share this little art haul video I did just now. I’m really proud of it and I’d really appreciate a little comment or something … for the support? (god I’m kind of shy when it comes to sharing videos) Anyway have a nice day or evening or night, and I’ll see you soon! Stay safe! ♥